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Our Initiatives

Return To Royalty

Where women celebrate, connect in unexpected new ways, and push their minds and bodies to the limit with a fun, duplicitous theme each year. 

The Rebelle Summit

Our 5-day summit where brave girls come to dream and shake things up!

Geaux Rogue

The Rebelle Summit for Women. Where women dream again and make the transition from surviving to thriving. 

Dream Team Academy

A 12 week long intensive leadership academy that prepares tomorrows leader's today. 

PowHER In 10

Help us help out women and girls all over the globe by joining our PowHER In 10 Challenge. Simply commit to 10 things within the span of a year that can significantly impact as many women and girls as you can!


Launching girl startups from ages 6-16 in collaboration with BrandSmash Studio. Launching Summer of 2022.

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