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Take The Challenge!

PowHer in 10 is a challenge created by World Wide Women Group to make a positive impact on the lives of women and girls all around the globe. At the end of each year, we all come up with a list of resolutions to accomplish for the year to come. We put our own personal goals on these lists but at times we go beyond that and think of ways we can impact the world around us. This may be through monetary donations, volunteering, mentoring, and celebrating a victory of another woman or girl. Many of us find ourselves giving to causes and helping others all throughout the year, without a thought of documenting what we are doing. Research shows us that putting these positives acts in the atmosphere encourages others to join in and help others, for the pure satisfaction of making someone’s day just a little brighter. So we ask you to join us in helping women and girls all over, step into their power. We challenge you to join us in making a pledge of ten ways you will help women around the globe and share this with all of your sister friends. It’s time to create your own list and make it happen. Here’s how you do it:


Screenshot our PowHER in 10 templates from our IG highlights, stories, newsfeed, or download it from below.


Upload your list to Instagram and @ "PowHerin10" so that we can share your lists on our page.



Fill out the 10 things you pledge to do to help out women and girls within a year's time. 


As you complete items, tag us and hashtag #powherin10 so that we can post your pictures on our feed and website.


Use Numbers!

When adding your 10 things, be specific about the number of women & girls you want to help.

Beautiful Photos

Aim for inspiring completion photos that are beautiful and tell a story. 


Follow our page to see what other women are doing as well, and lend a hand to their efforts if you feel inspired!

Be Specific

Try not to add broad items that aren't clear. The more specific your items are, the better! 


Help us create a beautiful channel by using similar effects and filters on your photos.


This is a collective movement with women worldwide. Help us to spread the word by sharing with all of your friends!

Download The Template

Watch It Unfold!

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