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Here's to the Strong Friends


There’s an old quote that says, “We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the game.”

Women, we have not only played the game we’ve dominated the game.

In many cases it was not because we wanted to it was because we had no other choice, and in our quest to survive we reached unprecedented levels of success that we cannot even begin to comprehend. So let’s pause for a moment to celebrate this- you, the strong friend. Least celebrated, least checked on, least poured into; you have accomplished so much carrying the weight the world hands you, your family, and your friends. You’ve done this for so long that it has become the norm because you are the one everyone knows can handle anything. What they don’t know, is that there are days you wish you could quit, run away, or in some cases cease to exist. But you keep going, and sometimes not even for yourself but for the ones around you, whom you don’t believe could survive this world if you weren’t here. You are not alone. There is a tribe of us experiencing these thoughts and feelings silently because we don’t know any other way. 

Queen of Spade

We’ve found the way, and in honor of Kate Valentine Spade whom we lost in June of 2018, we introduce Queen of Spade. This fundraiser consists of a collection of donated handbags that accompany a story of the women who previously owned them. Each bag will be filled with 5 of that previous owner's favorite things. Our goal is to collect 300 handbags, and when we do, we will host THE biggest celebration and redistribute all of the story-filled bags to our strong friends everywhere. So here’s to the strong ones, let’s celebrate them while they are still here and let them know just how much they mean to us!

*This fundraiser is inspired by the icon Kate Spade and is not affiliated in any way with Kate Spade New York or any affiliates.



Katherine Noel Frances Valentine Brosnahan

Katherine Brosnahan, whom we all know and love as the brilliant genius behind the Kate Spade brand, was a true American girl. Kate was born in Kansas City Missouri, her father was a construction worker and her mother, a homemaker. She didn’t have early passions or dreams to be in the fashion world, she actually studied journalism at Arizona State University. Her love for fashion came when she became a fashion editor at Mademoiselle Magazine, after college. She was tired of seeing handbags she deemed as gaudy and over-accessorized. She just wanted a functional bag with sophistication and style, and with this idea, her husband, and a friend, she launched Kate Spade in 1993.

Kate accomplished this without the help of any investors and she-singlehandedly changed the face of the handbag industry. An industry that was dominated by European designers, status and wealth for decades had been shaken by Katie from Kansas City. Kate sold her company's remaining shares in 2006. She launched a new company Frances Valentine in 2016, but it didn’t win as many hearts as the Kate Spade brand.

Then on June 5, 2018, Kate took her own life, and with her, she also took a piece of the heart's she'd made an impact on all over the world. Kate’s estranged husband revealed that she battled with severe depression for years, and we will never know how this could have triggered the decision she made to end her life that day in June. We will forever remember her and celebrate the inspiration she gave us, as her bag welcomed many women into adulthood. Thank you, Kate, this is our tribute to you.

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Become A Hostess!

Become A Hostess

Host your very own fundraiser to help us show 300 women who always seem to have it together that there are people out here rooting for them. Simply register below, download your kit and start collecting bags, stories and things! 


Take the pledge to help us reach our goal!

What's in it for you?

  • Bring light to tons of strong friends while helping us pull off an awesome initiative!

  • Get an "I AM QUEEN" photo shoot and a special edition Queen of Spade card placed in each bag collected by you (when you pledge 50+ bags).

  • Have a commissioning ceremony and table named in your honor (when you pledge 100 bags).

  • Get recognized on our site as a Queen of Spade.

  • VIP admission to our Queen of Spade celebration.

  • Special access to our Queen of Spade celebration for each lady who donates to your fundraiser.

  • Get a Queen of Spade Kit to help host your fundraiser!


Donate A Bag

Donate A Bag

You can help us reach our goal by donating a bag, a story and 5 of your favorite things. You can contact a Queen of Spade hostess below and donate your bag to her fundraiser. Queens that accept Delayed Entry items will be denoted with a pink Spade Icon. 

Queen Elle

Bags may be dropped off every 4th Sunday at "Now You're Cooking Studio" in Chesapeake.

You may also mail your bags to:

World Wide Women Group

PO Box 6003 Suffolk, VA 23433

Queen Alana

Queen Alana's Fundraising goal:

50 Bags

To donate a bag to Queen Alana's fundraiser, you mail email her and she'll walk you through the rest!


Bag Guidelines

  • For our purposes, bags should be new or gently used- meaning the bag still looks brand new and is free from stains, scratches, scuffs, and all original hardware is included in perfect working order. 

  • Bags may be designer or generic. We ask that you simply donate a bag that you feel is incredibly useful or one that another woman would be happy to receive. 

  • There are no size limitations; however, we ask that your bag is capable of holding your 5 favorite things in such a way that the bag is able to close/zip the way it was intended without losing the integrity of its original shape. 

  • Each bag should be registered with a story and 5 of your favorite things. 

  • Bags should be considered a purse or hand bag- please no book bags, grocery bags, or luggage. When in doubt, remember that this fundraiser is Kate Spade inspired- by her work and legacy.  

5 Favorite Things Guidelines

  • You should choose 5 things that are specific/special to you (like a specific scent or color, etc.) but also consider whether or not your item is something that might also bring joy to another woman (quality, wow objects).

  • Please do not place perishable items into the bag (instead consider a gift card with a note of what your specific favorite thing is).

  • Please do not put in time-specific items or items with expiration dates less than 3 years . We are not able to guarantee exactly when your bag will be received. If your item is time sensitive, you may consider entering it for delayed entry (items entered closer to the date of when bags will be redistributed).

  • When possible, please do not enter items that are climate sensitive OR please mark for delayed entry.

  • Please enter only 5 items. We know it's tough to reduce everything you love to only 5 items, but it's part of the challenge. 

  • All 5  items should fit into your bag at the same time AND the bag should close/zip the way it is intended without losing its original shape. 

  • Do not include items that may be considered offensive, dangerous, illegal or easily breakable (also, please do not include medications or aerosol cans). 

Delayed Entry Items

We understand that there are some things that you are dying to put in your bag. If there is an item you really want to enter, but it has an expiration date or is time-sensitive, you may make a pledge to enter it at a later date-closer to when your bag will be distributed.

  • We will make a public announcement AND your hostess will inform you of the deadline date for turning in all delayed entry items.

  • Items should still not be perishable foods or drinks.

  • Only time-sensitive items or items that may lose its original integrity may be pledged for delayed entry. 

  • Delayed entry is only available if your hostess elects to make that option available. 

  • Only 2 items per bag may be entered for delayed entry. 

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