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Queen of Spade Fundraising Terms

Terms and Agreement
  • You may not promote or make public announcements about your fundraiser until you have registered as a hostess and received your confirmation email with your registration numbers. 


  •  When making a reference to World Wide Women Group, Inc. your reference must be truthful and not suggestive of anything other than the truth. You must agree to represent yourself in a way that does not reflect negatively on the organization; however, you may not imply that you are affiliated with, sponsored by or endorsed by World Wide Women Group, Inc. 


  • In extreme circumstances, World Wide Women Group Inc. may suspend an active fundraiser,  if the name or donations are being misused or if the fundraiser is going to cause damage to the name or reputation of World Wide Women Group, Inc. You hereby agree to allow the cancellation of the Fundraiser, if so directed and further agree to release World Wide Women Group, Inc. and its officers, from any and all liability and connection to any such action. 


  • When making a textual reference to World Wide Women Group, Inc. you may not link to anything except Additionally, World Wide Women Group, Inc. Should be written out in full as “World Wide Women Group” and shall not be abbreviated. 


  • World Wide Women Group Inc’s logos and the Queen of Spade logotype may not be legally reproduced or used without permission from World Wide Women Group, Inc. 


  • All hostesses shall in good faith collect all donated bags and items in the name of the Queen of Spade Fundraiser lawfully and with integrity and surrender 100% of all donations to World Wide Women Group, Inc. before the specified deadline. Hostesses will be made aware of said deadline within 90 days of the deadline. 


  • The public should be made fully aware of any amounts (namely your pledge) that will be donated to World Wide Women Group, Inc. Additionally, any and all printed material and other information created by hostess should state, “All proceeds will benefit World Wide Women Group, Inc.”

Fundraising Plan

Social Media Assets

Social Media Assets
Donation Receipts
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