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A Premiere Leadership Academy 

Dream Team Academy

Dream Team Academy is a 12 week, intensive academy aimed at grooming the world’s next leaders and role models. This is done through motivation, education, and uplifting. We break through the surface and tackle deep-rooted issues that may inhibit women (ages 18 to 24 years old) from becoming the leaders they’re destined to be.



What It's Like......

They say the two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why you were born. We help you embrace that second day. Dreamteam is a virtual academy, meaning you could be in class with women who are in Japan, Washington D.C. and North Dakota, all in the same session. You will enter a virtual room on day one meeting 7 strangers and by week 12 you will have gained a lifetime of sisters. These women help you problem solve, celebrate your growth, and reaffirm just how valuable you are to the world.



3 Ways My Life Will Change After this program.......

The leadership skills ascertained in this program are unmatched, you will learn how to maximize your strengths and the importance of a perfected imbalanced-balanced (we said that right) life.

You will learn how to tune into your subconscious thoughts and the inner workings of yourself.

You will learn to embrace self-motivation, negating the need for validation from others.  

"What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you're willing to make."

-Jane Goodall

Our Curriculum
Our Curriculum

Week One 

Commitment to the Academy

  • Introductions

  • Purpose/Overview/Objectives

  • Highs/Lows

  • Hello, accountability?

  • The current state of me.

  • The soundtrack of our lives.

  • A seat at the table.

Week Two

Who Is Your Maya?

  • Highs/Lows

  • Motivational Recap

  • Who is the person who motivates and inspires you?

  • Write the vision.

  • The vision isn't for them it's for you.

  • You don't need validation, you got this!

  • Legacy, legacy, legacy!

Week Three

What Fuels Your Fire?

  • Highs/Lows

  • Motivational Recap

  • What is your passion?

  • I gotta jones for you.

  • Jane of all trades, but Queen of...

  • Bye bye, dream killer!

Week Four

To Thine Own Self Be True

  • Highs/Lows

  • Motivational Recap

  • The best part.

  • Hey girl, I missed you- a reflection.

  • Awareness walk.

  • The starting line up.

Week Five

What/Who is in Your Bed?

  • Highs/Lows

  • Motivational Recap

  • Executive decision making.

  • Creating a steady foundation.

  • Building a routine.

  • Building a tribe.

Week Six

No Means No and That's Ok

  • Highs/Lows

  • Motivational Recap

  • A yes woman's journey.

  • The forbidden no.

  • It's so hard to say goodbye.

  • A declaration of independence.

Week Seven

Crabs in a Barrel

  • Highs/Lows

  • Motivational Recap

  • Kicking the barrel over.

  • My dream is my dream no one can emulate it. 

  • I have a dream.

  • The Gift of Sankofa.

  • Dear Sister.

Week Eight

I am the Strong Friend, Now What...

  • Highs/Lows

  • Motivational Recap

  • Self-care rituals.

  • It's ok not to be ok.

  • I need me, too.

  • Retreat and recharge.

Week Nine

Tools for Success

  • Highs/Lows

  • Motivational Recap

  • The mission and vision of my life.

  • Are you ready for the life changer?

  • Success toolkit.

  • Success is earned not given.

Week Ten

Securing Our Future

  • Highs/Lows

  • Motivational Recap

  • Dear yesterday.

  • Shift your atmosphere.

  • Time capsule.

  • Dropping gems.

Week Eleven

Congratulations, it's a Dream!

  • Highs/Lows

  • Motivational Recap

  • Caring for the dream.

  • I am the business, man.

  • When the drought comes.

  • Consistency made the cat a lion.

Week Twelve

This is only the Beginning

  • Highs/Lows

  • Motivational Recap

  • The experience.

  • What's next.

  • The Blueprint.

  • It's not farewell, it's later babes.


Meshon D., Blogger & Educator

Being a part of DTA Spring 17, helped me defined my “MAGIC”, become confident in knowing that I can create my Legacy to inspire others, but most importantly it taught me to shoot my shot and just live. As a young girl, I always wanted to write my own story and leave my mark but needed the extra push. DTA was my push. #DTAInspiredME


Leslie B., Media Relations Specialist

DTA was a great opportunity for me, I left with a refound confidence and I created my own path...I am now able to say that I created a position for myself in my career that has never been occupied by anyone prior to me. I paved the path the others will follow, thank you DTA Fall 2014. 


Terica R., Teacher

Before I was a part of DTA I had so many questions about life and my calling in this world.  I can still remember the day that I finally broke down and cried (happy cry) because I was able to finally express myself to other women who were going through similar situations that I was experiencing without feeling like I’m being judged.  All of my DTA sisters were very supportive of one another,  DTA is a great opportunity to build confidence in all aspects of your life professionally and personally. DTA Spring 2015. 

Graduate Love


  • Should I prepare to take a week off of work?
    You can save your vacation, the first week of Geaux Rogue will be an ovenight get away. The remaining days will be on designated Saturdays, with one weekday virtual call. We will provide all the dates well in advance, trust us, you will be well prepared, we promise.
  • Where is it located?
    You will be provided with a schedule and agenda at the close of registration so that you are informed of the locations and times of each day, but we are based in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.
  • How do I register?
    You can click on the link provided but PLEASE be advised registration is not complete after payment, registration is complete once you have taken the quiz. Please note that registration in non-refundable.
  • What is the attire?
    This is a casual event until the last day, we want you to bring your best to the finale!
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