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The Rebelle Summit for Women

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Geaux Rogue!

About Geaux Rogue

When we say "Geaux Rogue" we do not speak in the sense of one who rises in opposition or armed resistance against an established government or ruler. And when we are speaking in that sense it is only metaphorically- we support only nonviolent movements!!!


Our definition of "Geaux Rogue" is releasing the fear of what would happen when you go against the grain, choose to follow the dreams that just might single you out, or fight for what’s right and not against what is right. We geaux rogue because our life and the lives of our sisters, daughters, and all other women depend on it.


So Who Are You Right Now?

When someone asks you the question "Who are you?" I am sure you reply: mom, wife, sister, friend, insert job title here, and all the other titles that you bare. But who are you really? I think that for so long we have allowed stigmas in society and images of what defines a woman to stifle us. It has put us in a box, and so without those titles we feel we are not authentic women. Our roles. They are all important nouns that describe just how multifaceted we are, but it does not define who we are. So dig deep. Who are you? Go deeper than your Instagram bio and your resume. Who are you?


Are you the free spirit who dances to the beat of her own drum? Are you strength firmly planted and unscathed? Describe yourself. And if you cannot that’s ok, Geaux Rogue with us and you will never wonder again!!! If you find yourself needing a little confirmation as to why you need to Geaux Rogue just read this to yourself…


I need to geaux rogue because I am the backbone, influencer, nurturer, ghost writer, fertilizer, sound-judgement, peace keeper, harmony, light, intelligence, and giver of life- just to name a few things. Without me NOTHING flourishes. Somehow along the way I forgot just how significant I am to the universe, and so did others. There are people who believe that I am a second-class citizen that should be happy about what’s given to me no matter if that means it is not what fuels the passion within me. There are people that believe that I am able to pursue all my dreams, they think it’s too late and my opportunity has passed- but they forget diamonds form best under pressure. They forget that I am the prolific writer that designed speeches orated by men to captivate audiences. I am the ear that many men pour out their deepest fears to in hopes of solace. I am the glue to the familial unit, the cook, the counselor, the love maker, the accountant, attorney, doctor, politician, judge- it all begins and ends with me. I am the face that quiets the storm and anxiety in the hearts of men and children. And you ask why I need to geaux rogue. You ask why, it is because I have given so much life and time to the dreams of others wholeheartedly, now it’s time that I give that same love and time to me.

I am ready to Geaux Rogue!!!


Will You Geaux Rogue With Us?

Geaux Rogue is a 5 day summit where women will learn to dream again and spend time nurturing and manifesting their own dreams in a fun, brave, bold, and daring way. These women will experience an adventure like never before but by the end of this event they will learn the importance of releasing all the baggage of life that may hold them down or tell them to conform, and feel free to just Geaux Rogue!

10 Reasons to Attend
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Agenda 2019


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Early Bird Registration 

Check back soon for Geaux Rouge 2021 Registration.

Registration Closed


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"You can waste your lives drawing lines. Or you can live your life crossing them"

-Shonda Rhimes

  • Should I prepare to take a week off of work?
    You can save your vacation, the first week of Geaux Rogue will be an ovenight get away. The remaining days will be on designated Saturdays, with one weekday virtual call. We will provide all the dates well in advance, trust us, you will be well prepared, we promise.
  • Where is it located?
    You will be provided with a schedule and agenda at the close of registration so that you are informed of the locations and times of each day, but we are based in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.
  • How do I register?
    You can click on the link provided but PLEASE be advised registration is not complete after payment, registration is complete once you have taken the quiz. Please note that registration in non-refundable.
  • What is the attire?
    This is a casual event until the last day, we want you to bring your best to the finale!
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