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Taking it Moment by Moment

Understanding is basically the conception of comprehension. Basically, it means being aware of someone’s feelings or emotions. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to listen to and be empathetic about what the person is experiencing. The starting point could be your compassionate nature which may help with the ails they are going through in their life.

At some point in your life, we will have a tragic situation happen to us. It could be losing a parent, something bad happening to us or just a traumatic situation. This one moment can hinder our mind forever. To be able to speak about it is one thing, but to speak and hope someone understands is another. I am a person that carries the “weight of life” on my shoulders regardless of where I am or what is going on. Is this something I should work on? Maybe! But at the same time when you have so much baggage, it becomes difficult. One situation I can speak the truth about was losing my father and that one event has turned my life topsy-turvy. My daily routines from waking up and going to bed are bombarded with thoughts of him. People often tell me not to dwell on the heartbreak and think about all the positive encounters with him. This coping mechanism can work, but sometimes it does not. The reasoning is that when those thoughts manifest, you come to “grips” that you will never have those moments or encounters again.

Losing anyone that is close to you is a difficult situation and I wouldn’t want anyone to have to suffer that pain. The old cliché of “taking it day by day” is exactly what you have to execute in your life. However, minute by minute is what I live by right now. I have to make sure that I take the proper steps to ensure certain things don’t trigger me to react emotionally. Yes, it could be a million times that the painful event may come up in conversations, but you have to remain strong. Remember, it is ok to cry and express yourself in various emotions as well. Subsequently, I lost my strength and faith when I lost my father. This was due to the fact that I felt like I was owed additional time on this Earth with him.

However, when my thoughts became clear, then I realized that I would rather go through the daily emotional pain instead of my dad going through the physical pain with cancer. You will always be devastated by this life-changing event and each person grieves differently from others. But I will be the first to tell you that you have to get your life back and enjoy it. Talk to someone, go to therapy or do what ever it takes to get your happiness back.


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