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It's My Body and I'll Contour If I Want To

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting Unique Skin & Beauty Bar located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. This business specializes in: Facials, Buttock lift, Non-surgical Lipo, Cavitation, Radio Frequency, V-Steam, Detox Body Sauna, Electro-Stimulation and so much more. I was made aware of this business through my husband. He had completed some video work for the business owner and thought I may like to visit. My first thought was; “is he trying to tell me I need to tone my body”. Once I settle that score (lol), I told him to set up the appointment and that I would go. The day of the appointment arrived and I was super excited about it. I walked into the office and was greeted by a sweet, while calming aroma. The décor was beautiful and there was soft music playing in the background. I was greeted by Rahsha, the owner of Unique Skin & Beauty Bar. She was so pleasant and provided me with a questionnaire to complete before we began.

Once I completed the questionnaire, Rahsha led me to one of the private rooms. I would call the atmosphere majestic. Rahsha begin to go over the different services she offered and I opted to get the Unique Buttock Lift & Wood Therapy treatment after she told me the details of it. This service has the ability to do 4k to 5k squats for you within 45 minutes. The machine acts as a suction to pull the glute muscle up into the device for maximum treatment. This process assists with the lift of the glutes and enhances that area. Wood therapy helps redefine the body, contours, reduce cellulite and facilitate weight loss. These instruments allow highly targeted pressure to be applied, and that pressure intensifies the breakdown of fat and fibrous cellulite so that it can be eliminated naturally with other toxins. She had my heart at 4k to 5k squats.

I became apprehensive when the cups were applied; it was simply a fear of the unknown. The surface I laid on was warm and it vibrated beneath me. Rahsha dimmed the lights and it was peace and me for the next 45 minutes. I am not fortunate enough to experience this type of free time often so I used it to rest my mind. I thought about how happy I was to do this because I truly hate going to the gym and I would get the same results I would seek there anyway.

There are times when we, as women, beat ourselves up about not getting toned “the right way.” But who defines those standards? I asked Rahsha her thoughts on this because many women feel a sense of shame when receiving assistance to shape their bodies. This was her reply to people who feel guilty about body sculpting. “Every human that we encounter has something that they don't like regarding their own body. Once we accept that no one is perfect nor has a better body than the next woman, then we can move forward. Self-Care is everything and it's needed daily. Not too many of us understand the importance or take the time to take care of our own body’s needs. We are always taking care of others and not ourselves. Women have the ability to allow someone like me, to assist with their areas of concern. Once they allow themselves to come in for the first time, they will always return for their self-care maintenance.”

I strategically wore yoga pants to my appointment so that I could see my results as best as possible. I was thoroughly pleased. I felt fuller and I saw the lift immediately. I wished at the time I would have taken before and after pictures. But I have provided an after picture below:

I couldn’t stop smiling at the completion of my treatment, it prompted me to ask Rahsha what she hoped each woman would feel at the completion of a visit with her. She explained, “I hope every woman that receives services would leave feeling a sense of improved self-esteem both internal and external. Women desire to feel beautiful inside and out. My job is to assist with the process of internal beauty first and then external beauty. The added benefit is the body contouring.“ I definitely felt this way at the end of my services. I had lost weight over the last year, but I constantly beat myself up about not going to the gym. That moment of self-care pushed those feelings away.

Rahsha advised that she would like for any persons interested in her services to know that she truly enjoys what she gets to do daily, for a living. “My passion is being able to serve my customers with the best service possible and educate them on their part of the process. I take great pride in keeping up-to-date & educated with new modern services best for my client’s needs” she added.

Rahsha, Owner of Unique Skin and Beauty Bar

I felt every bit of Rahsha’s passion during my appointment. I would say to anyone who feels skeptical about trying body contouring- don’t. That simple. I look forward to going back. Please understand that this review in no way, discredits working out as it is essential to add exercise into your life’s routine. There are times we don’t exercise as much as we would like, and for me this was the best alternative.

I have attached a video so you can get a glimpse into what happens at Unique Skin & Beauty Bar:

For more information on Unique Skin and Beauty Bar visit their website at

You can also find them on Instagram:


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