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Young Rebelles' Network

We had so much fun at the Unicorns & Cocoa event held on Tuesday, November 20, 2018. We must thank Coach Kelli for welcoming us into Spirit Enhancer's and allowing us to hold our first event at her gym. The Rebelle's who attended were able to create Unicorn Christmas ornaments while also networking with their peers over a delicious cup of homemade cocoa.

The Young Rebelles' Network is an extension of the Rebelle Summit. As our Rebelles' complete the summit they are offered membership into the network. As a member we help them grow their dreams even BIGGER, connect with leaders and influencers, provide inspiration every chance we get, and provide fun experiences with fellow Rebelle’s that they have been building with.

There are amazing perks that come with being in the Young Rebelles' Network such as free entrance to quarterly events for a year. An exclusive rewards programs which will be introduced in 2019. Special discounts and offers with businesses who support our network. Immediate and exclusive access to specialty programs. Inclusion in an ever-growing community of like-minded girls who rock. And secret meetups with fellow Rebelle's to discuss the changes they would like to see in their community and how they can make it happen. Each member receives a card with their name, membership date and a QR code reader so that they are able to access special offerings. Members also receive access to the Young Rebelle Portal on our website. It is password encrypted and it is a safe place for them to connect with one another.

Every quarter the Young Rebelles' Network will host an event that we will open to the public for a small fee, so that they can get a glimpse of what the Rebelle Summit is all about. Our first event was Unicorns & Cocoa and we had a great time. The Rebelle’s really owned their creativity and made their unicorn ornaments in out of the box ways.

Stay tuned for our next quarterly event that we will host in March. We have something cooking up we think our Rebelle’s are going to love. ;)

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