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Which Way to Go...

Author: Amira Bethea

Relationships between two people are often complicated. There will always be “ups” and “downs” in any type of relationship especially relationships with love and commitment. Sometimes we may not know which way to turn when things get out of hand. We love the person we are with, but we often need to take a break from them to focus on us. However, at some point we gravitate back to them because that is where our heart lives. The major relationship question is,” Why do people cheat?” Some possible answers could be because the person feels like they can get away with it or they do it just because they want to. Many other possible answers could be they are attracted to another individual or their partner could be lacking in various areas of their life. It’s an infinite amount of opinions, but not one concrete fact on why people cheat. Subsequently, the biggest suspense is why people don’t leave their significant other instead of cheating on them. There is no relationship expert in the world that can give you a “perfect” reason to why people exhibit that behavior. There is no excuse to hurt someone’s heart and cause them unnecessary heartbreak. Cheating is a behavior that someone executes, but doesn’t think about the consequences that will occur at a later date. Many of us have cheated before and have felt terrible afterward and others of us could care less. However, I do believe Karma is real and comes back in many different forms. It would be easier for you to just leave instead of breaking their heart. Why watch someone cry because of the hurt you caused them? You also need to remember that the person that you are pursuing may not be everything that you want in a monogamous relationship. You may not have another opportunity to come back to the person when they realize that you left them for lust. You should think before making any decisions and don’t make the decisions while in an emotional state. You and your partner should try to “jump over hurdles” such as going to counseling instead of walking away. The easy road is never the best road because nothing good ever comes easy. You need to love yourself first and then you can love others. Make sure that you know your worth, but also see the worth in others. Last but not least, always remember the “Golden Rule” which is to treat others how you want to be treated.

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