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Our Storytellers Amaze!

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

Day 5: Dreamer's Showcase of the Rebelle Summit.

No one can ever say that our future is not secure because we have a tribe of Storytellers who just proved that myth wrong. On Saturday, August 18, 2018 we ended our Rebelle Summit with the Dreamer's Showcase. Our Rebelle's used this showcase to introduce to the world a problem or cause in the community they wanted to resolve. Our Storytellers presented their projects through visual media and boy were we amazed!

Hugs for the Homeless

Jocelyn did not want the homeless to feel alone so she created a companion that hugs and contains a special compartment for toiletries. Her mom explained that every time they see a homeless person on the streets she asks to stop and give them money. Jocelyn even questions why they are not able to come home with them. "Everyone should have a home and someone to hug them, they shouldn't be lonely or without food," said Jocelyn. She plans to hand out these lovable bears to some deserving citizens in her community.

Kyleigh's Klean Korner

Storyteller, Kyleigh, took us on a tour of her community and shed light on the littering concerns that plague it. Kyleigh even interviewed a member of the community to discuss their thoughts on the littering issue. Reviewing Kyleigh's program reminded us of the importance of taking a little extra time throughout our day to keep things tidy and safe in our communities.

Kyleigh provided a display of the containers she would place on corners throughout her community to make sure everyone had a place to put their trash.

Taliyah's Community Garden

Taliyah took us on a trip to a community garden in her neighborhood. She provided energetic and informative commentary on all the things she learned on her trip. Taliyah was so inspired by her trip that she is planning to start her own community garden now. She doesn't want anyone to be without fruits and vegetables.

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