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Dear Bra, I Hate You!

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

After a long day of meeting deadlines and demands, we all just want to go home kick off our shoes and unsnap our bras!

It took me 33 years to come to this discover, I would hear many friends and family members talk about their hate for bras but I never had that problem before. I never thought about the freedom in unsnapping my bra until I purchased "the perfect push up."

You mean to tell me we've cured diseases, walked on the moon, created jeggings, but we have not made the perfectly-comfortable bra yet?

So each year for my birthday I take a stroll into a nice undergarment store to get some new supports for my girls. This year I was super excited, I had this plan of how I would speak to a consultant and leave with a few good pieces that would last me a while. I walk up to the consultant and we begin to talk about my needs and desire. I talked about the need for support and versatility in wear. She remeasured me which I was not happy about because I magically grew a full cup size in 5 minutes, my old bra still fit perfectly before I met her, but I digressed. She gathered several pieces for me that all felt wonder in that moment. I decide on the bras I wanted and happily strolled out of the store. I was so excited to get home and try them with a few shirts that are hard to wear without the right bra.

I was punked

I get home and I was still in a pretty good mood. I tried on my bras with my uniquely designed tops and everything worked perfectly. Well a few days later I head out of town with my husband and a few friends and that's when it hit me. This bra doesn't like me at all! I felt imprisoned and the joy of my new bras left immediately. I felt piercing pains from the underwire and I just wanted to be free. I called a few friends and explained how I too, would be joining the I hate my bra club.

I am really big on providing solutions instead of just ranting and because of that I do not want anyone else to experience what my friends and I have so here are some solutions I have found to help you find thee perfect bra- for real this time:

  • Got gaps? You want the cup to hug your curves. Try going down a size.

  • Straps too loose or too tight? Both scenarios are the result of a band that's too big. Try sizing down.

  • Popping out? If your girls are slightly raised on the top or the sides, then try a bigger cup.

  • Underwire digging in? The underwire should sit flat against your rib cage. If it's digging in, then try a bigger band size.

All bras are created differently so remember your size can change depending on the type of bra you purchase and most importantly if it does not feel good do not purchase. Bras are a 14 to 15 hour a day commitment you deserve to be comfortable in that time. I have learned my lesson and I will be sure to remember these tips when searching for a bra next time.

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